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What Matters Most?

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Demo Instructions

For the purposes of this demo, please rank the sets of practices in the following order: Stewardship (1), Healthy Habitat for People (2), and leave the rest in the order you see them. Click “Save and Continue” to go to the next screen.

Detailed explanation about this page and how it works

Part of the value of Whole Measures is helping groups understand which impacts matter most to them. Which of the following list of value-based practices do you believe are the most relevant and important to your work and/or project? Please rank them in order of importance (1=highest importance, 10=lowest importance).

As you go through the tool, you'll evaluate these value-based practices in the order you rank them here.

Please roll your mouse over each value-based practice to learn more about what it includes.

Justice and Fairness

  • Providing equal access to land
  • Acknowledging injustice
  • Engaging the whole community
  • Sharing power

Relationships Between Land and People

  • Increasing direct access to land
  • Providing learning and inspiration
  • Respecting long-term relationships to land
  • Protecting the emotional and spiritual value of land


  • Creating public space for community engagement
  • Uniting the community
  • Empowering the community
  • Building new grassroots networks

Healthy Ecosystems

  • Conserving or restoring healthy wildlife habitats and corridors
  • Conserving or restoring water quality
  • Promoting a land ethic
  • Protecting or enhancing biodiversity on the land.

Healthy Habitat for People

  • Promoting local, healthy food
  • Offering safe opportunities for recreation
  • Preventing or remediating pollution
  • Protecting safe drinking water


  • Providing for long-term commitment
  • Reflecting community values
  • Helping community care about larger landscape systems
  • Depending upon local community
  • Responding to climate change

Economic Vitality

  • Ensuring long-term economic vitality
  • Supporting active relationships between conservation and working lands
  • Promoting local, land-based products
  • Promoting sustainable land-based livelihoods

Community Resilience

  • Balancing conservation with community housing goals
  • Balancing conservation with transportation needs
  • Maintaining infrastructure necessary for accomplishing social goals.
  • Supporting “smart growth” principles and practices
  • Promoting resilience to hurricane, flood, drought and wildfire damage.

Power of Story

  • Taking time to listen and learn
  • Providing the forum for community members to tell their stories
  • Respecting the stories and lessons of the past
  • Reconciling social and cultural ties between people and the land

Being in Service

  • Engaging with existing community-based organizations
  • Sharing decision-making authority with the community
  • Building cultural competency
  • Building trust and authentic relationships.
  • Responding to climate change